Activate full functionality

Free trial version does not need activation key

You can download free trial version (1.04.018), copy it onto your computer, and use forever. It has no time or callsign restrictions at all. Instead of them we suppose some quantitative limitations for a number of QSOs in each logbook, and a number of callsings in database.

Please note: database structure and functionality are not the same as in release version! The best way to familiarize yourself with the full functionality  is to use CheckLog production release; feel free to ask for a temporary activation key.

Virtual activation keys

From version 1.05.021 (build 3615) CheckLog is able to use virtual activation keys, published in Internet. User's computer must have Internet access to use virtual keys. On startup the system retrieve the keys from server, and apply them to current configuration automatically. Virtual keys are restricted to country (territory) and expiration date.

Get your own activation key - for personal callsign:

You should get a proper activation key for your callsign in production (plugin-oriented) system (since 1.04.019 release). For example, if you're using callsigns ZZ1AAA, ZZ1AAA/P, RA/ZZ1AAA - you need only one key, for ZZ1AAA callsign. Any new combination with prefix or additional suffix keys with your callsign never needs new activation key.


Temporary keys are available for evaluations during at least two weeks from issuing date without any donations. Permanent keys never expires (at least, until of 2099-12-31). We hope that this is calm enough ... All the permanent keys are available after donation, the minimum donation for one key is US$ 15 (worldwide) or 10 euros (EU and other European countries).


Special note (March 2022): we meet a problem with donations in electronic form, and now it's impossible to use an existent account or debit cards (like VISA, MasterCard, Cirrus/Maestro and other ones). So the trial period for foreign users will be started from one year (day-to-day, until the situation is unchanging), and can be discussed with domestic users, up to their opportunities, individually. Please don't hesitate to ask your personal key!


You can ask for personal exceptions if you can argument it... Now only two exceptions of donation policy are defined: SWLs (short-wave listeners, for one SWL Callsign, registration needed) and children's HAM Radio Clubs (for one Club Callsign - not for personal callsigns) .


You can ask for activation key by pressing the button:

NB: Many popular browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc) have stopped handling mailto: links - buttons may not work. In this case, send a request by mail to checklog(at), with your full name and surname, callsign, e-mail address and the amount of donation. Donation are not necessary if temporary key is requested. Don't forget change (at) to @ in a destination address!


... or change your default mail client from the browser to a standalone program or office tool (for example: Outlook or Outlook Express). And try again!