Meet the understanding system

Screenshot 1: imported logbooks

With the main menu you can: configure your logbooks, import ADIF data into a current logbook, and browse logbook records "as is".

If necessary, you can clear current logbook (erase all records), and compact the database.

Screenshot 2: internal callbook

Internal callbook is building from the selected (or all) logbooks. Callbook contains information about each callsign found in your logs. You can update this information with information from the mostly popular servers: and Logbook of the World (ARRL). For users of Russian QSL-bureau you can update information immediately from Russian (SRR) server. Other updates are connected to callbook supported by RA9CTV. All of these updates show you policies of receiving QSL-cards and confirmations for each callsign in internal callbook.

Screenshot 3: QSL and print management

This tab contains records for QSOs, not confirmed yet by youself (all the callsigns should be present in callbook). You can select QSOs by receiving confirmations with or LotW servers, and traditional (paper) QSLs. For outgoing QSLs you can select a desired delivery ways: via Bureau, direct, or via E-Mail. The selector Print helps you to restrict a lot of records by printable/non-printable attribute choice. QSLs with "Print" mark will be printed by special external program (will be included in a distributive package, when done).

Screenshot 4: statistics of confirmations

This detailed statistics is based on your own logs, and it shows you estimated chances to get a confirmation from operators of a listed territories, countries or provinces. Color legend helps you to navigate in statistics.

Screenshot 5: awards, application and its management

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