Donations to author

I‘m developing this system since 2017, "from scratch" and I’ve solved independently all problems and questions arising during development. There are days when I‘m working for 10-12 hours in succession. For today the volume of an source code already exceeds 50,000 lines, it’s really a big project. Yes, I began it on own initiative. Yes, the first and main user of system I see myself. However, as it seems to me, the system can be interesting and useful still to many HAMs and SWLs. At least because it carries out "seamless" integration with eight Internet resources (eQSLLoTW,,,,, three external programs (Adobe Acrobat/Reader, UR5EQF_Log3, US-E-12 Callbook plugin), supports data exchange using seven protocols (http/https, smtp, pop3, udp, xml, SQL), effectively uses five formats of data (QR, ADIF, ZIP, RAR, PDF). I address to those who became interested in my development, with the offer: please support my project. The tiny amounts of donations will allow me to support the workplace (and it not one computer, but a lot of them united by a local network) and to watch actual versions applied programs and components. As a result the system will be more flexible, the most evident and convenient in work, always available on this official site.


From everyone, the person interested to receive a permanent activation key allowing full-functionality usage at least until the end of the XXI century, I ask for very little. It is really a little if to consider, how much is our transmit equipment, antenna-feeder economy and other, necessary for this hobby.

The minimal amount of a single donation today is defined as:

  • 10 euros – for operators from Europe and the european countries and territories of the former USSR.
  • 15 US dollars – for all others including asian countries and territories of the former USSR except Georgia.

To donators the permanent activation key CheckLog is given (on the declared callsign). Will work with this key both present, and all subsequent versions of system what expansions and additions in it didn't appear over time.


Donations can be send for my PayPal account. Write to E-Mail, and we will pick up the most convenient variant of transaction.

And – once again, for clarity – permanent activation keys are issuing free of charge to children's radio clubs and short-wave listeners (SWL).

Temporary activation key for evaluation purposes can be issued free of charge to everyone for a period of two weeks (once on a personal callsign, by request).