Statistics and How to use it

Almost each HAM reflects sooner or later: and that, actually, I reached in this hobby? Much I made, or it isn't enough? Simply "examining" the logbook or a QSL cards – it not to understand, and especially – not to measure. However there is an objective criterion, and everyone can use it.


It is an assessment of results on the statistical principle. It is necessary to look not at single QSO, and at their set. Not on separate, let and very interesting QSO with several correspondents from many … It is necessary to look at all files, and search in it manifestations of your achievements. To carry out communications with as it is possible biggest number of the countries and territories (provinces). To achieve the maximum confirmability of these communications. To show to colleagues on hobby that it is really possible to make, having such, as at you, a set of the equipment and antennas. Plus your skills, abilities and personal qualities: persistence, persistence, patience and aiming at result.


  • logbooks as they are created (loaded from logging programs or other objective sources)


  1. At first I load full tables of references "bindings" of callsigns over the countries and territories (provinces). For this purpose I cause AskCNTRY.ext plug-in: menu Maintain -> Load Countries and Territories info. In the free version: Update-> Countries list. After that reference tables COUNTRY, TERRITORY and UNIQUECALL will be replenished with actual rules of "bindings", and will become possible to execute the following.
  2. I pass to a laying of Statistics. Here it is reflected in a compact look, with what countries or territories you already worked. And, at the same time – over what countries or territories you already received confirmations. And what it confirmations – whether paper QSL-cards, or confirmation answers from the and LoTW servers. In the column "QSO" the total amount of communications with stations at the chosen territory is shown. "QSO %R" shows confirmability percent, on the basis of the data which are saved up in logbooks. The confirmability is higher – it is more interesting to look for in these territories of new operators, increasing own productivity in "diplomas hunting". In the same way it is possible to estimate quantity of the received electronic QSL, and confirmability on them. It is useful during the work on the diplomas allowing "electronic offset".
  3. I look how the confirmability of QSOs in dependence changed, from what location (under what call sign) I worked with correspondents. I change value of the Operator filter, I restart calculation of statistics the button [Run]. In the same way I can choose any of magazines of communications (or all magazines). I can investigate influence of range, a type of modulation (a voice, figure, telegraph, etc.), to receive statistics on all interval of dates, or on its part … a choice of options – for you.


  • Instead of chaotic "search" of all call signs who are found in the nature – intelligent work with exact knowledge that it is made and that else it is necessary to make.
  • Purposeful search of the necessary correspondents, concentration of efforts on the fastest performance of conditions of diplomas and other awards.
  • Satisfaction from continuous growth of own qualification as the operator of HAM radio station capable to distinguish "a hindrance of the potato breeder" from a signal of really rare, interesting station.
  • At least, but not last – your personal statistics can be shown to companions on hobby, will be what to discuss …