Reliably send and receive confirmations

Working on air, I use UR5EQF_Log3 as the main logger. Repeatedly I noticed behind it such "sin" – if to rely on automatic sending QSO for confirmation servers (LoTW,, it not always copes with it "for all 100%"... something is lost, and to find then these communications on the server it appears it is impossible. Therefore QSO can be sent, sent, sent on the server through a logger – and to wait, wait, wait for the answer... but if to the QSO "did not reach" server – that after all and answers aren't!


Besides, after some changes on LoTW to send QSO automatically to server from logger installed on Windows XP it became simply impossible. And I have XP – the one system on the small laptop (even the netbook) Asus Eee PC 901. And it is absolutely senseless to transfer it to Windows 7 – due to incompatible hardware drivers, and limited resources  pool.


  • after some period of work on air in a logger the pack of QSO which should be processed collected: to verify operator’s name and QTH (if didn't fix during air session), to specify information on callsigns and so forth;
  • may be that on the only available computer not that is installed "not proper" operating system with which the logger has no problems at data exchange with confirmation server;
  • there is a wish, eventually, for 100% reliability at data exchange with servers: that it was lost nothing, and confirmations would come "to one destination".


  1. I start CheckLog, choose as flowing the necessary log - in my case the R2ADF (2018), with callsign R2ADF, and keep QSO for 2018 in it.
  2. First of all I load missing communications by AppUR5EQF.ext plug-in: Logbook -> Append UR5EQF Log data into current log. I choose the necessary log in a logger, establish an interval of dates (in this case from 24.11.2018 till 24.11.2018). I press [Load]. Result: 16 new records, one when importing is corrected. 2 seconds are spent.
  3. I look "in the end" the logbook (in CheckLog, a laying of Logbooks, the R2ADF (2018) page). I observe QSO group at which the fields QSO date & time, Band and Mode… and "shining" red letters. At the same time I notice that in the most part of these records of the field Name and QTH  - are empty. Well, happens – I worked with modulation of FT8, through JTDX, it didn't do any "substitutions" of a name and location.
  4. I synchronize the logbook with the server, starting SynEQSL.ext: Logbook -> Synchronize logbook with Setting If QSO's missed on server to resend missed QSOs automatically. The rest - by default, synchronization in 3 phases, an interval of dates - all logs. Just in case - suddenly former too were confirmed... I press [Synchronize]. The result is: 16 records are sent, 169 is on the server, on 98 confirmations are received. 2 minutes 6 seconds are spent. Here the 15-second timeout for processing sent on a serer enters.
  5. I synchronize logbook with the LoTW server, starting SynLOTW.ext: Logbook -> Synchronize logbook with LoTW. Setting If QSO's missed on server to resend missed QSOs automatically. The rest - by default, also synchronization in 3 phases, an interval of dates - all magazine. Too I want to receive all confirmations if they are... I press [Synchronize]. The result is: 16 records are sent, 168 is on the server, on 68 confirmations are received. 1 minute 4 seconds, including a 15-second timeout for processing of a package of the sent QSO on the server is spent. I look that isn't accepted the server, I check LoTW/S mark - yes, there is one record, the latest in the list. Happens - it didn't manage to be processed on the server. Once again I carry out operation. I receive the answer: 169 records on the server, 68 are confirmed. One minute more exactly is spent. Now - in order!


  • "red" log entries of communications were gone - that is confirmations are reliably sent
  • aren't simply sent - but also it is checked that they on servers are, was lost nothing
  •  the confirmations which are available on servers are received, everything is written down in the magazine of communications
  • 4 minutes 12 seconds are spent, all actions were done "automatically"
  • brains didn't strain concerning the forgotten passwords to servers
  • wasn't painful to remember the rule of work with third-party programs
  • from under "inconvenient" systems (Windows/XP) works as hours - completely conforms to requirements of servers
  • well, and everything is evident - at any time clearly that occurs during the work of system