Callbook maintenance

I should to warn at once – personally I don't consider that the Callbook hold only in order that on air in the first QSO to take the unfamiliar correspondent and "directly in a forehead" to declare: " I know everything about you, dear John Doe from Limerick". Such behavior, as for my uneducated look, doesn't decorate the radio fan at all. And hardly it will be pleasant to John Doe too.


The Callbook has to be a reliable, reliable source of data for an exchange of confirmations of the carried-out radio communications, in this its the first, the main thing and a basic purpose. Therefore I consider it expedient to fill this Callbook with the data allowing to answer precisely questions: how to send confirmations to the correspondent? whether it uses only a traditional (paper) QSL exchange, or has access to confirmation servers? whether he forgot to specify the postal address, demanding for sending cards directly? eventually, as far as it is punctual and obligatory concerning a QSL exchange - may be, it was registered on electronic resources "for checkmark only", but never there and didn't come?


  • data on the carried-out QSO are written down in magazines of communications, but not all information thus is received – it is possible to know in general nothing about the correspondent, except his call sign (during the work as digital modulations, for example)
  • it is necessary to check that in the reference book there were no duplicates (several records on one call sign)
  • there is a wish to collect a maximum of data on each call sign subsequently not to make gross blunders, sending through bureau of a card to those correspondents who simply have no opportunity or desire to receive them in such way
  • just in case to verify postal addresses in some cases not to be afraid to spend in vain resources and money for sending QSL-cards directly "to grandfather village"
  • for the future to save e-mail address in database that at the first opportunity to pass mailing of E-mail QSL
  • well, and to collect the accompanying information – suddenly it will be necessary to contact the person "out of air" quickly


  1. I supplement Callbook with new call signs. Why just now - yes because together with call signs now marks of use by correspondents of electronic confirmations also will get to the reference book (who managed to send). I start BldCBLOG.extCallbook -> Build Callbook from own logs. I cancel a choice of all logbooks and keep in the list for processing only the R2ADF (2108) log. Clear mark update info for existing callsigns. I press [Build], and. In 5 seconds receive the answer: 169 records are processed, 166 call signs, 11 of them – found as new.
  2. I fill up information in the reference book of call signs with data on correspondents from server. For this purpose I start UpdHAMQTH.extCallbook -> Get additional info from Setting only new callsigns control. Doesn't pass also 5 seconds as on 11 new call signs of data are received. Curiosity for the sake of it is possible to look at contents of fields in the right part of the table - ooh as there much all appeared! Also marks of Bureau and Direct were checked, here... Now I follow additional information on QRZ.RU. Here everything works more slowly as administrators don't adjust server productivity, and brake inquiries of users. Well, anything – information is received. Use language settings: Russian, and Updating: only new callsigns. In 39 seconds everything finished - it appears, there were 12 new call signs (on whom from this server information wasn't requested yet), 9 of them are found and its data transferred to the Callbook.
  3. Remained small - well to recheck data on followers of QSL bureau for Russia, Belarus and Ukraine. And that is known by us as our "comrades" are strenuously honest in maintenance of data on themselves - very long time ago on bureau spat, and a mark hold... QSL cards will never each them, but to them on others waste of time and money us... to at from a belltower, excuse.
  4. The similar calls Callbook-> Get Bureau users info (Russia), then (Belarus) and (Ukraine). On everything - 00:00:26 + 00:00:02 + 00:00:58, only 1 minute 26 seconds. Would be less if to the gromadenz z Ukraïni wasn't mean to himself in the heads that lists of members of LRU should be spread by all means in a PDF-format. Time is also spent for its dismantling...
  5. At last, I specify who uses the and LoTW services. Consistently I start Callbook-> Get registered users info (1 minute 49 seconds) and Callbook -> Get LoTW registered users info (2 minutes 20 seconds). The result is: from the callsigns available in my Callbook 2490 are registered on (the truth, activity showed only 2429 correspondents there, never data sent the others to the server); on LoTW 1943 call signs are registered, all actively work (load QSOs to server). On each of active users for this purpose and other server are dated – when they the last time loaded their QSO.


  • In the reference book of call signs the data on correspondents rather full collect and – that is important – reliable.
  • Get to the reference book not only those data which HAMs published about themselves - important information is checked on several reliable sources.
  • Request of data on callsigns from servers – operation is long, but all actions are carried out in the automatic mode, respectively – there are no spelling errors something important, will be passed nothing, it will be forgotten nothing, an eye "will not be hackneyed" from a set of the monotonous repeating manual actions.
  • If necessary the set of sources of data can be expanded – it is only necessary to develop the corresponding additional plug-ins, and to connect them to system... there would be a desire.