Welcome to CheckLog System!

CheckLog is new powerful open analytical system for HAM Radio, implemented as an multi-tool to proceed QSOs after a period of air activity. It provides many operations with the accumulated data, to improve and grew up the results of a HAM 's air contacts. Now both free demo and productive versions are available:


  Free demo version Productive version
Actual release
Activation key needed NO YES
Free activation key for trial period availability Not needed YES, by request from this site
Operating system (platform) Windows XP/SP3 Pro
and newer (x86) 32-bit
Windows XP/SP3 Pro
and newer (x86) 32-bit
Loadable plugins support NO YES
Plugins included in BASE pack 0 7
Plugins included in other released packs 0 24 (+17 to BASE pack) 
Online radio interaction NO YES, with external programs
Documentation availability Restricted
(contains in package)
YES, Full user manuals set
(included in packages)
Consultations and support availability Not guaranteed
(due to ongoing development) 
(by e-mail and user group conference)


CheckLog helps the operator to proceed in an automatic mode to:

  • collect data of QSO from different logbooks and other sources;
  • check QSO data and leads them to a unified format, preventing operator’s errors;
  • send QSO to servers of confirmations (Logbook of The World – LoTW, eQSL.cc) and to check – whether they are accepted by servers;
  • collect electronic QSL from servers of confirmations, to fix QSL in the logbooks, also mass download eQSL images from eQSL.cc;
  • collect data on correspondents (on callsigns from QSO), to accumulate in callbook;
  • update data on users of QSL bureau of the different countries, according to published official sources;
  • build QSL lists for sending cards to correspondents (at the same time to check, whether the QSL card will be delivered);
  • create, save to file and send by E-Mail full-graphics mQSL-cards, also receive confirmations by E-Mail;
  • show statistics on the QSOs, visually to display results of activity;
  • apply for EPC-MC.EU diplomas using Ultimate AAC direct access to CheckLog logs, without any transformations or intermediaries;
  • and still a lot of things, many other …

CheckLog is still dynamically develops. System consists of a stable kernel (the head program) and a set of plug-ins. Plug-ins pool  is extending time to time by developer, user can choose itself those from them which will apply in work. It has open Plug-in API, for possibility to develop user’s own plug-ins with the API and a proper instrumental system (Embarcadero Architect, Visual Studio and so on). The system realizes simple and easily readable user interface (find examples of logbooks, callbook, and statistics). It uses the platform of Windows (XP/Professional and following versions).


Using CheckLog, any user can execute very difficult schemes of data processing, applying simple step-by-step recipes. Here’s only some of them:

User manuals in Russian (in an actual state), the replenished "Cook Book", and also history of creation and discussion of system is available to participants of http://groups.io/g/CheckLog user's group. Membership requires registration with real name and surname, HAM callsign is not necessary. Note: English documentation is always included into packages, see Docs folder.


It is possible to download the software of system (both productive, and free demo versions) from this site.

The productive version requires an activation key (one for each call sign; for example, R2ADF, R2ADF/9, R2ADF/1/QRP, EW/R2ADF require only one key).


Free unlimited keys of the productive version are provided on demand to children's club radio stations (for one club callsign) and to short-wave listeners (SWL). For a period of two weeks the temporary activation key can be once provided to any HAM for test purposes (one key – for one personal callsign, on demand). Unlimited keys are provided for all HAMs after a donation to the author on the purpose of further development.


It is convenient to send activation key requests through this official site (see "Activation Keys" page), or by E-Mail (in this case it is necessary to report us your callsign, e-mail address, name and surnamefor further communication). 

 Author of CheckLog System – Dmitry Rechkin (R2ADF).